Considered by many as one of the best guitarists in Spain, EL TWANGUERO invites all kinds of audiences to see and hear him perform, including guitar fans, entertainment fans, and people of all ages who enjoy great music.
The “fire-breathing guitar hero” as he was dubbed by the U.S. press, launched his successful solo career after years of accompanying Latin music giants such as Bunbury, Calamaro, El Cigala, and others.  He has achieved major accomplishments in the last couple years:  memorable albums such as his latest, PACHUCO and ARGENTINE SONGBOOK (Warner Music), and has toured Spain, Mexico, America from South to North and other parts of the world.  EL TWANGUERO has received excellent reviews and become an International Gibson and Bigsby artist.
TWANGUERO presents the PACHUCO show with his band: rhythm, percussion, seductive melodies as well as electrifying riffs and solos, AND the one and only touch of his golden Gibson, pioneer of ‘Latin-Twang”. He also has an important career as a guitar concertist.
Pachuco refers to a particular old school subculture of Latino Americans from the 1930’s – the 1950’s associated with zoot suits, and vibrant, flamboyant nightlife. Originating in Mexico, Pachuco eventually made its way to El Paso, Texas. Hence, El Paso became known to many as “El Chuco .”  Pachuco was also an important part of the young Mexican-American culture in the 1950’s.


” … El Twanguero is a journey into the heart of the music … “



Spanish LatinGrammy Winner, songwriter/ guitar bender EL TWANGUERO is one of the most active artists in the hispanic scene. Internationally renown for his unique Latino-Twang sound, that goes from Spanish guitar, American folk, flamenco and tango, and for his impeccable fingerpicking style.
He has four records so far: Octopus, Twanguero, The Brooklyn Session and Argentina Songbook, and won many awards, including a Goya Nomination and a Latin Grammy.


Diego has played and recorded with many popular artists such as Andrés Calamaro, Mercedes Sosa, Juan Perro, Diego El Cigala, Fito Paez, Bunbury, Wycleaf Jean, Juanes, Jaime Urrutia, Ely Guerra, Raphael, Camilo Sesto, Ana Torroja, José María Cano, Yerbabuena, Adriana Varela and Diego Torres, and has been an active participant in a number of Television, Cinema Original Soundtracks and Radio recordings for Spain, Argentina, United States and Mexico.


” … A guitar master … “



When he turned 6, El Twanguero enters the conservatory of Valencia and becomes a student of José Lázaro Villena, a former student of the great Andrés Segovia.  At 13 he forms his first rock band, the Be-boppers and at 16 he joins the Rock ‘n’ Bordes European Tour for the next 3 years. Pioneer of  Western-Swing and Ragtime in Spain,  he forms Gallopin’ Guitars . By the age of 15, Diego was already at the top of the Valencian musical scenario, and was awarded as Best Instrumentalist in the Black Note Valencia.



 At the age of 20, Diego moves to Madrid and soon becomes one of the most active musicians in the city. In this time, he records and tours with Merche Corisco, Nacho Campillo, Jaime Urrutia, Manolo Tena, Los Chunguitos, Tam Tam Go, Raphael, Sergio Dalma, Guerrilla Gorila, Santiago Auserón, Andrés Calamaro and Pumpin’ Dolls among others.



In 2005, El  Twanguero publishes his first album, Octopus, with Sello Autor. He gets outstanding reviews from magazines Vintage Guitar, Guitar Player, Guitar World and the national radio from Spain, RNE3.



In 2008, his second record is published again with Sello Autor. It takes the name of its author: Twanguero. The album is presented in Madrid, New York, and Buenos Aires, Girona, Black Note (Valencia), Festival de Guitarra de Denia and Castilla-León.



In 2006, El Twanguero travels to New York y quickly merges into the underground, where he forms the Diego García Trío with Tony Mason (drums for Norah Jones, Bo Diddley, Steve Cropper) and Nick D’Amato (bass for Lizz Wright, Poppa Chubby) and the three of them play all around New York and New Jersey


“The Brooklyn Session”

In only one day, he records and mixes his third album, The Brooklyn Session and gets glowing reviews worldwide reaching for Best Spanish Albums category in the mexican magazine, Reves. The album is presented Madrid, Valencia, Castellón, Austin, Texas Continental Club , Mexico DF, Buenos Aires Jazz Festival, La Plata, Argentina, etc.

In 2010 he is called by the Venezuelan producer Andrés Levin to be a part of the Brooklyn Summer Festival. In New York, he also colaborates with such artists as Levin, Didi Gutman, Jessy Murphy, Jim Campilongo, Yerbabuena, Charlie Hunter, and others.



In October 2012, El Twanguero’s contribution of an electric guitar, mixed with the flamenco music, becomes a success and a trademark as he becomes a guest artist for the cantaor Diego El Cigala’s tour, “Sintiendo América”. García is press praised for his participation, which is compared to that of Bebo Valdés, 10 years before.


Latin Grammy 2013

In April 2013, Diego El Cigala’s “Romance de la Luna Tucumana” record is released having Diego as a co-star. El Twanguero obtained a Latin Grammy for his work as a co-producer together with Diego El Cigala in “Romance de la Luna Tucumana”.



 “Argentina Songbook” (Warner Music)

In December 2011, El Twanguero settles in Buenos Aires and records his last album, in which, under the influence of electric twang, includes melodies of Argentinean tango, rock and folklore. Feauturing latino super stars Enrique Bunbury, Diego El Cigala, Andrés Calamaro, Ely Guerra and Fito Páez.

Acclaimed by journalists, the album is  released in December 2013 and presented in several countries around the world.


Twanguero – the documentary

The whole  process in Buenos Aires was filmed by argentinean Director Javier Pistani, who in 2014 launched the documentary in several Film Festivals around the world.

El Twanguero composed sountracks for movies, and played live at the Festival de Cine de Mar del Plata 2012, the soundtrack written by him for “Una Pelicula de Gente que Mira Peliculas”.


“Carreteras Secundarias” / Secondary Roads

Carreteras Secundarias is Diego´s last record, expected for November 2016.

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