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About Twanguero: While described by the press as a “fire breathing guitar hero” or nicknamed “Spain’s King of Twang” by Guitar Player, 2013 Latin Grammy winner Diego García goes for a more poetic phrasing to define himself: a 3-in-1 guitarist deeply in love with his instruments – which he secretly calls “his ladies”. Renowned for his fingerpicking technique, incredible versatility and distinctive ‘twang’ sound, his music is an unusual fusion of classical Spanish guitar, Latin rhythms, country, rockabilly, jazz…and even surf music.
Since the age of 6, when he first started playing chords, he has always found anchorage and inspiration in the surrounding world, finding beauty & joy in the “Here and Now” and transcribing it into music.
His style and sounds keep surprising and delighting listeners with every new album. Anyone acquainted with Twanguero’s work knows how much of a gift his music is, for both the ears and the soul.
To the ones not initiated yet, we can only invite them to experience his twang and try to describe it with their own emotions and words.
Diego has played and recorded with great artists such as Andrés Calamaro, Mercedes Sosa, Juan Perro, Diego El Cigala, Fito Paez, Bunbury, Wycleaf Jean, Juanes, Jaime Urrutia, Ely Guerra, Raphael, Camilo Sesto, Ana Torroja, José María Cano, Yerbabuena, and Adriana Varela, among others. He has also participated in original soundtracks recordings for TV, Radio & Cinema both in his native Spain and in the Americas.
He recently formed a world music collective, Los Silverbacks, along with Argentinian and Congolese artists. Based out of LA, Garcia is currently working on new music for both his Twanguero project and the new band.
Stay tuned for his latest updates !


“A guitar master” Gabriel García Márquez


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