TWANGUERO presents “La Cumbia Sin Nombre”, “a Latin Twang with Cali vibes

by Mudita Agency |

Jan 19, 2024

· New single, ‘La Cumbia sin nombre,’ now available on digital platforms

· Always true to his instrumental roots, he introduces a new single inspired by a central concept: ‘Panamérica’

His new single is a Cumbia fusing North American influences from the 50s with Peruvian Chicha hints and Western imagery.

A comeback to his electric sound & to the collective work for Twanguero, after his last album recorded solo & acoustic in the Costa Rican jungle.

“La Cumbia sin nombre” comes as a foretaste of more upcoming music the artist has been working on over the past couple of years. He is currently premiering part of it in Spain (Burgos, Madrid, Valencia, and Barcelona) and US dates are being scheduled.

‘La Cumbia sin nombre’ now available on digital platforms


I started writing this cumbia on the water a couple of years ago. This ‘world on hold’ imposed by the pandemic gave us good grounds and time for creation. I remember listening to a lot of music, looking for inspiration beyond ages and spaces. In a way, I was trying to escape my confined routine. One day, I had the melody in mind, we got together with Moises and started shaping some structure and rhythms, but we would still feel it lacked something, some sort of gimmick. We could not give it a name either and it remained unfinished on a shelf for a while. Fast forward September 2023, I reconnected with the track in my studio. There, I added keys, percussion, re-recorded my guitars and finally got what I was hoping for. I called Moises to tell him we had to retake “this cumbia with no name”. And so it went, and stayed, “La Cumbia sin nombre”.

This first single comes with the music video ‘La Cumbia sin nombre,’available on Youtube & Apple Music:

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